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September is already showing up on the horizon and altogether with it one of the most favourite cultural events of Sofia too. What I am talking about is – the Book Alley even! For the ninth time, colourful tents have sprung up in the center of the capital, presenting both the latest works and the favorite classical books that have delighted readers over the years. For a whole week, in the period from September 6th to 12th over 120 of the leading Bulgarian publishing houses and booksellers present their new and selected titles in a total of 47 tents located in the pedestrian part of Vitosha Blvd. and in the park area in front of the National Palace of Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Me on the Alley of Books!

But perhaps one of the most interesting events in the program was that every day the authors of the books visited the tents, where they could meet their fans and present their works to them personally!

Me on the event

To my great joy, I received an invitation to attend the tent of the publishing house “Ekrie”, with which I published my first book “Profession traveler”! I am extremely grateful to Galya and Dancho, both for the invitation to present my book and for the joint work on it and for everything we have achieved together so far.

With Galya and Dancho. Once again, a huge thank you for everything we’ve accomplished so far and get ready as I am picking up writing again.

On September 10, 2021 at 6:30 pm, I showed up at one of the most key places in Sofia – Vitosha Blvd.! I was extremely excited to be able to present my book right there in the center of Sofia and in this iconic and beloved place. For an hour and a half, I had the opportunity to see many of my fans, some of whom had already bought my book and came to pick it up and see me. 🙂

Here is my book “Profession Traveler”!

Laughter, jokes, autographs, photos – the feeling was amazing! The very fact that you are among the crowd of passers-by who stop because they have noticed the book and are taking it, looking at it and showing interest is perhaps the greatest reward for an author! When you see curious hands reaching out to your book and then a slight smile appears on their face as they start reading some parts of your work, it makes you shiver and say to yourself, “It was worth it!”.

When I am being asked for an autograph 🙂

For me, this will remain an unforgettable event! I am glad that I was able to present my book and meet in person with people who, in addition to being fond of traveling, adore reading as well! My desire to motivate my followers to travel and have fun is already gaining new dimensions – to make everyone read because there is nothing better than seeing someone taking your book, reading it and after being done with it asking, “When should we expect the next one?”.

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