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I don’t know if you will believe me, but back in 2019 the first thoughts and ideas for my project “Profession Traveler” were born as a joke! I wanted to do something about my passion to travel but I didn’t know exactly what. Anyhow, one one of those “crazy” ideas was to write a book and now 2 years later, after tireless writing and thanks to Ekrie Publishing House the book finally come to live. 🙂

For me, the world is one big book and each trip are its pages that add up new emotions, feelings, people, places, culture, cuisine and in general a new and vast world that unfolds before our eyes! And it is precisely for this reason that I have put all my soul and heart into this book – so that I can share this great and colourful world with you and make you part of the magic that the adventures offer.

You have probably read many travel guides and travelogues about all kinds of tourist sites, with historical and statistical data! You may be wondering how this book is different and why you should read it. Well, because it is not an ordinary guide – it is a reflection of my soul during my personal travels in which, in addition to discovering new places in the world, I also discovered new knowledge about life and myself and the emotions I experienced in a certain periods fromom my life. And this helped me achieve a new goal – to change my life in general or in other words to learn living in a way that I am happy with everything I do!

You will read about many travels, with a lot of interesting information about the places I have been, as well as about the life of the characters I travelled with! This is not a work of fiction neither another guidebook nor a boring novel. This is a story of non-stop adventures told through the eyes of a tireless traveler!

An incredible mix of many emotions and interesting adventures awaits you, gathered in 9 stories from 4 continents! What could be better than to be able to sunbathe on the fabulous beaches of Thailand or to find yourself in the cage of a tiger, to walk in futuristic Singapore or to experience the afternoon magic of the Orient in Istanbul? Why not experience one crazy holiday to Cairo and try to unravel the secrets of the Pyramids or the Sphinx? But that’s not all – the warm sands of the Sahara and some very friendly camels await you, as well as the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean coast and clash with the ancient Mayan civilizations in Mexico!

You can’t resist the temptation what else awaits you in these 228 pages and not only read but enjoy the rich photo material that has been added too.

If you are ready to embark on a new adventure and find yourself caught somewhere in-between the lines – do not hesitate to order the book by e-mail or through the following this button:

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