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can not wait to tell you about this amazing and incredible place that is one of the nature’s finest – Lefkada.

The Blue Temptation of the Ionian Islands – Lefkada…

I desperately needed to go somewhere after so many time. I don’t want to bore you, but I had not traveled anywhere for a year and a half, and the desire inside of my to do so has been growing rapidly in the past few weeks. I’ve made many attempts to go somewhere, but all turned out a complete failure! And as the boring routine around me was suffocating me with full force I desperately needed something fresh, different and colourful. And what more suitable place than Lefkada? 🙂

Just when I was least expecting, my friends offered me to go to Lefkada and literally in one day everything was organized – when, where and how we would travel was decided as soon as we had arranged the holidays. I could not believe it that I was about to go there.

Contrast of colours – these are the main views of Lefkada 🙂

The road to get there by car is not much, around 680 kilometeres from Sofia and takes about 6 hours, as long as you cross the border quickly. When we entered Greece it was very strange to me – as if I was there for the first time. I think that’s normal, since I hadn’t traveled for so long, and the joy and excitement had already taken over, therefore I barely those 6 hours drive.

Everything is so blue that it does not even seem real!

Lefkada is the fourth largest island in the Ionian Sea and is located above Kefalonia and Ithaca. Although it is an island is connected to the mainland by a small bridge that can be raised so that boats and catamarans can pass underneath it. You can get there by car or ferry, as well as by plain since the Preveza Airport is located at around 20 kilometers from there. The capital of the island is also called “Lefkada” which means “white”. The name comes from the white rocks of Cape Lefkata, which is located on the south coast of the island and is an incredibly beautiful place. There in general the island is characterized by a lot of greenery, which distinguishes it from the typical Greek rocks and makes it a desirable destination for many.

Did you know that …

“According to some legends, people who were broken-hearted threw themselves from the rocks of the island of Lefkada! The rocks were so white and the waters so blue that it was considered very romantic to end your life there if your feelings were unshared. It is even claimed that the poet Sappho committed suicide since a sailor had broken her heart!”

The ancient gods are still around 🙂

The town we were staying at is called Nydri. This is one of the busiest places on the island – there are a lot of restaurants and taverns and you can see many people who enjoy the nightlife. There is also a Marina here, and cruise ships that sail around the island also depart from there. We stayed in a very nice and cozy house, and our hosts were very kind.

Welcome to Nydri!

I also highly recommend the taverns on the street of the port. Apart from the fact that the view is amazing, the food that is being served is also very tasty. We mainly consumed seafood – shrimps, squid, octopus, accompanied by traditional Greek salad and castor oil. In several of the restaurants I tried a very interesting dessert – orange pie. I really liked it and I recommend you if you ever visit Nydri to try it for sure!

The coastal street of Nydri

One of the places that the island is famous for is Porto Katsiki beach. It is located in the western part and can be reached by land and water. If you travel by car I want to warn you that the road at some places is quite narrow and has many turns, and the slope is quite steep therefore takes more time as you can’t drive that fast. But on the other hand, when you arrive at the observation deck above the beach and look down at the rocks, you are literally dumbfounded by the incredible view!

Porto Katsiki – “The Goat’s Beach” …

Some time ago this beach was inaccessible due to the steep slope and its only visitors were the goats that were grazing here. And for this reason the beach is named – Porto Katsiki or “The Goat Beach”. Later, 80 steps were carved into the rocks and the place is now accessible to people. Many of the cruise ships that circumnavigate the island stop here as well. Definitely arriving by water is much more comfortable than by car.

We didn’t see goats, but the view is fantastic! …

It may surprise you, but there is no sand on which to stretch your towel, lie on it and sink blissfully into the sand. There are a lot of rocks here and sometimes even entering the water is quite unpleasant if you are barefoot. But on the other hand, the water is incredibly blue and everything is so beautiful. Sitting on the beach you forget about everything and you are somehow swallowed by the view.

Admittedly, it’s very beautiful, but you can’t lie on these stones for that long and it’s not comfortable at all …

There are also several small towns that are worth seeing and visiting. One of them is Grayness. Quite a nice and picturesque place that has its own marina too.

Grayness – a small and charming town!

During the day it is relatively calm, but in the evening it gets quite full of people. I recommend you to take the time to have a walk there! There are quite nice restaurants and cafes, right by the sea and the view is amazing as well as the feeling itself.

How not to sit and drink a castor oil here. 🙂

Another similar town here is Vasiliki. It is slightly larger and is known for one of the best beaches for water sports. There are hotels and restaurants and it is quite lively too.

The taverns in Vasiliki will enchant you!

The main city of the island of Lefkada or also known as the capital is also worth a visit! It is located in its northeastern part of the island and upon setting foot on it, it is the first place you see that welcomes you. 🙂

The capital of Lefkada – the city of Lefkada. 🙂

The city arises around a natural harbor and is a major stop for many ferries, catamarans and yachts. It is quite lively here both during the day and at night.

Lefkada is a colourful town.

The main street leading from the port to the central square is quite crowded and around it are located countless souvenir shops, cafes, restaurants and taverns. You will definitely not be bored here.

And these citizens of Sofia from the island seem to be bored 😉

But whatever we talk about, one of the most enjoyable experiences here on this island is visiting the beach! To throw yourself on a wooden chair or sand, to cool off in the crystal turquoise water – this is a joy for everyone. The beautiful beaches are located in the western part of the island and there is hardly anyone who has not visited them and not been fascinated by them.

It’s time to go to the beach and put a swimming suit….

Pefkulia is a very nice and slightly wild beach. If you come from the capital Lefkada, the first golden sands that will welcome you are right on this beach. Even just before it, on the road there is a very nice observation deck, which reveals incredible views. I recommend you to stop and admire the amazing endless blue that will grab your mind.

Pefkulia – view from above …

And the beach itself is near a coniferous forest, where if you get very hot, you can hide under the trees in natural shade. It is no coincidence that this beach is in my ranking of the TOP 10 most beautiful beaches!

Milos and Katizma are also amazing beaches that are worth visiting!

Access to Milos Beach is via a path starting from the village of Agios Nikitas, or by water taxi that costs about 3 EUR per person. The most convenient option is to reach it by water, but if you choose the path in front of you’ll be able to admire the amazing of the milky blue water and golden sand. It is advisable to bring water, food and beach sunscreen with you, because the beach is a bit wild! If you expect restaurants and bars to be there, you will be disappointed. But this is its charm and magnificence!

Milos – literally cut from civilization!

That is why Katizma beach is the complete opposite of Milos. It has an asphalt road and is easily accessible by car. Half of the beach is with umbrellas and sunbeds, and there are also restaurants, taverns and bars, and some of them have provided free parking spaces where you can park your car. Given that the western part of the island is quite windy, there are sometimes waves there. The beach is a mixture of fine sand and stones, and pay extra caution because when entering the sea it suddenly becomes deep.

Catechism – something for everyone …

In general, these are the main attractions of Lefkada. But for me it’s not just that – for me this island is like the “Island of Dreams”! Coming here, you are captivated by the greenery, the hidden beaches and the milky blue water. You have the feeling that time has stopped and you are in Heaven. That’s right! Here you are left with yourself and your dreams and after a while when you come back in your memories, you realize that right there you have planted a small wish, which somehow became a reality and you fulfilled a big wish. For me this is Lefkada – adventures, beaches, delicious food and a place where dreams come true!

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