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There are places where glamor and tranquility go hand in hand! And one of these places is the Lake Como, which has been attracting hundreds of tourists for many years now. This place exists in an incredible symbiosis where beautiful and luxurious villas are combined with the peacefulness and quietness of the nature with its greenery and snow-white hills. Here time seems to have stopped and it is surprising that there are so many people as at the same time it is so quiet and peaceful. If you need a quiet and at the same time colorful destination, I personally recommend this one!

Welcome to Como!

The lake is located in northern Italy, near the Swiss border. This is the second largest lake in the country of pasta and plain, but it is certainly one of the most beautiful and glamorous places worth visiting!

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of spending a weekend with colleagues in Milan. It was one of my most fun and emotional trips! One of the days (not that we had much time there) we decided to go to Lake Como. It is relatively easy to get there, and you can go by car, bus or train. We decided to take the train there, as they leave at every half an hour from Cadorna station, and the duration of the whole travel is about an hour. I personally would advise you to go there by train, because the bus is slow and sometimes there are traffic jams. And if you choose to travel by car – it will be difficult to find where to park, because like most small towns parking spaces are limited.

The starting point of our trip – Cadorna station, from where the train goes to Lake Como quite quickly and comfortably.

Time on the train passed imperceptibly, in jokes and banter, and together with the huge crowd that got off the train we found ourselves in the picturesque and colorful town of Como. Keep in mind that during the summer months there, in addition to tourists from all over the world, large number of to the locals of Milan visit there to cool off and escape the heat, too. There are days when it is full of people everywhere. This was exactly the day in July, when we appeared there with all our splendor. 😊

It’s amazing how the colors combine themselves here!

The first thing you see coming out of the station is the amazing view of the lake surrounded by high green mountains, and on some of them you can see snow on the tops. Luxury villas and houses nestled on the slopes, neat villages in the distance and many flower gardens – these are a small part of the things you will see at first.

To best explore the lake, you can do a ferry tour. This way you will be able to visit more places and admire the beautiful views. An option is a walk along the shores of the lake too, just like we took one!

As we were walking along the shore, we passed by a very nice restaurant – an old white house with a huge terrace and lots of greenery. We decided that after we had be done with the walk itself and there are no other places we will go back and eat at this place.

In case you want a better experience, you can take a ferry. 🙂

Admittedly – it’s quite aristocratic and impressive to walk here! Boutique villas, amazing panoramic terraces with unique views, lots of greenery, people pressing on the grass – some for a picnic, some to toast in the hot sun. But I was most impressed by the contrast of the nature around us – hot July sun, dark blue water, green coolness from the surrounding trees and snow-white peaks in the distance. It’s a bit confusing because you don’t know if you’re at sea or somewhere deep in a mountain. If I have to describe it in just a few words that would definitely be: A warm beach in a winter resort 😊

Everything is so beautiful and colorful …

We had walked maybe a kilometer while enjoyed the beautiful views, until suddenly our attention was riveted by an exciting view! Right next to the shore was something like a geyser, a large jet of water that came out under pressure and rose high like a fountain, where there were a lot of people cooling off under its jets. If you remember the famous fountain in Lake Geneva – this is the same with the difference that the one in Geneva is inland, and the one here is right on the shore.

My colleagues and I looked at each other for a moment and immediately decided that we need to go there. As we went nearer, I sat down, took off what I was wearing as clothes and went under the water. In the first moment when the water poured over me, I felt as if I would die of cold it was a big shock to my body. But in a few moments, you get used to it. I won’t tell you how much fun it was – we all jumped around as if we were little kids, laughed, and danced. We hit the roof filled with joy, as they say. This whole experience lasted for not more than 15-20 minutes, because it you can’t spend more time as the ice cold water pours over you and lands on your body as if nails made of ice drops hit your body!

After having fun and going wild, we put on our clothes again and continued our walk. As some time had passed, we decided that we definitely needed something to eat. We all decided to sit in the restaurant, which we had passed by earlier upon arrival. Luckily for us, there were places right on the terrace on the second floor, from where the view was amazing. The restaurant was not very expensive, and the prices were decent! An external staircase led to the terrace on the second floor that was decorated with flowerpots and ivy creeping along the walls.

On the terrace there were white umbrellas, and the fence itself was made of wrought iron. There was greenery all around us, many imposing houses and buildings, and the waters of the lake were like an endless blue. The feeling of sitting at such a place is amazing! And to make the atmosphere even more solemn and impressive, we ordered a prosecco. Sitting here on this terrace, watching these amazing views with a glass of sparkling prose, you realize how beautiful, colorful and amazing life is! All this makes you forget about your daily problems and just relax and enjoy the moment.


The atmosphere was kind of conducing us to order seafood pizza. Everything around was reminiscent of the Mediterranean, and what could be better than combining traditional Italian food with seafood. Joy not only for the eye, but also for the palate and soul. The dessert was a cocktail of several types of sorbet, with a hint of cold pressed coffee. The curious thing was that while we had lunch we had a tablecloth, then when we finished and went on for the dessert, they removed it and everything was served right on top of the beautiful wooden table! Well – as I usually say we only get one life and we gotta live it right!

In the end we really wanted to take the finicular and go up to Brunate. This is a small village on the top of the hill, from where I have heard that there are amazing views. Also here is the bust of Pencho Slaveykov, who spent the last years of his life right here. Unfortunately, there was a long queue, and we gave up because we had to return to Milan at some point. So, we left the visit to this place for another time and took a walk back to the center of town. In short – a typical Italian town, with narrow streets, impressive buildings and a large cathedral on the main square. But it’s worth walking there, too. Finally, we sat down and had another coffee. As the time was passing by, we found ourselves back at the station, and that reminded us that it was time to go home.

This day was unforgettable for me! I was really having fun and I was infinitely happy! One of the few moments when you feel complete. That’s what I call “Italian Shine”!

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