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I’ve always loved taking photographs, be them landscapes, cityscapes or just something random that has caught my eye. My friends have always wondered about this interesting passion of mine! And when we add the fact that I love to be photographed too, at times it drives them crazy, because it is very difficult for them to take the photo of me that I want. However, that’s another topic!

From all those yellow pins on the map of Bulgaria, 4 of them were added by me. 🙂

One day, while surfing the net, I stumbled upon a title of an article in which I shortly glimpsed at the words “photo” and “contest.” I read that a contents is being organized, which aims is to promote nice, beautiful and favourite places in Bulgaria. I decided to participate by selecting a few photos which I had taken and send them accordingly. At first I wondered if it was worth doing so, but I said to myself that I have visited so many wonderful places in Bulgaria of which I have so many photos that why not show them to the world! By doing I would be able to promote not only our country’s astonishing nature but show them to the people who for some reason are not able to visit them themselves.

Anyhow, what was said was done! And after some time when the results were announced and I was not the winner of the competition, I realized that the biggest prize actually was that my photos were published (and still are) on the “Favorite places on the map of Bulgaria” 🙂

The colourful beach Varvara

This was the first competition of its kind in Bulgaria ever, which combines GIS technology and photography with the mission to show beautiful Bulgaria on an interactive map. It was held on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of Esri Bulgaria and in connection with the World Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Day, in partnership with National Geographic Bulgaria and “Photo-Pavilion”.

The endless blue above Topola

I was so thrilled and happy, firstly because I contributed with something to promote our country and secondly – my photos will be seen by so many people! By no means, my intentions are not to boast about that I participated in this contest or that my photos appeared on the interactive map. No, not at all, what I truly want want to express and show to each of you is that when you do something with passion and put your heart and soul into it – you should never stop!

Rila Monastery and something more …

The general truth is that I did not enter the contest in order to compete with someone and win prizes, as well as to show someone how great I am. In one way or another, I managed to get some benefit from my hobbies – traveling and taking pictures and up to now I have said many times that my only intentions are to inspire people to travel and visit some of the world’s most beautiful places! This is my cause! To travel, to take pictures, to have fun, to be yourself and to be happy! If through a post or photo of mine, I manage to make at least one person happy, and for a moment to make him espace from his daily routine and forget about his problems it will be the greatest reward for me.

Delchevo – Domestic Life and culture

Therefore, always be yourself and stand on your grounds! Do whatever you like and and life live at its’ most.

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