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Are you familiar with the following situation? You are visiting an interesting tourist site, not hearing a word of what the guide is saying, and everyone is trying at their best to hear what is being said? Maybe for this reason, most of us prefer not to follow and listen to guides, but to navigate and understand on their own what is it to be learned and seen at a given site. Unfortunately by doing this, sometimes we omit important and interesting facts.

It’s amazing when the desired tour is in your hand!

But you no longer need to dream of having solutions to these challenges that many of you have faced! That is why “Audio Guide Bulgaria” – one of the few travel companies in Bulgaria, now offers a variety of travel trips.

Recently, I heard about them by accident and I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that they offer from traditional group tours with audio guide to innovative individual tours with audio guide or or even mobile application!

The choice of tours is rich and varied, even from languages!

From the beginning of 2018, the offer of audio excursions with an audio guide device will start, as the service will be provided in an on-site office in Sofia, Plovdiv and Nessebar. And the device will be rented for a whole day. This service became quite popular thanks to the fact that the recordings are available in 9 languages and thus tourists from all over the world can get a touch to the amazing corners of Bulgaria, and the biggest advantage is that all audio tours are also available in Bulgarian. Choose a destination and make an amazing trip without being disturbed by other people.

Choose a destination and make an amazing trip without being disturbed by other people. Choose your own pace – you don’t have to follow the guides’ schedules or run after them, so you don’t miss anything from its history. The story of the objects will now be at your hands and you will be able to hear it as many times as you want and whenever you want. You just have to choose a location – Sofia, Plovdiv, Nessebar, Rila Monastery or the many other places there is something to see and hear, so no matter which one you you choose you will not regret!

A walk to the Rila Monastery?

An even greater convenience is that the devices allow the upload of photos and videos. There are also maps that show with numbers the various tourist sites that correspond to the record. And for the further convenience of the users who have difficulty with the location of the sites, short video instructions have been recorded for the slightly more difficult to orient places.

In the rapidly evolving era of digital and innovative services, it is quite logical for the services of Audioguide Bulgaria to develop in full force and to offer more interesting and different services. Most recently, they created the Audio Guide Bulgaria Application.

Thanks to it, you can now travel with your phone! In it you will find some of the most interesting and popular excursions in Bulgaria, so everyone can choose the language in which they will listen to the audio guide, as well as determine the pace. Sounds great, right?

All audio tours are available in a variety of languages. And here’s where you can go for a walk:

– Sofia, Rila Monastery, Boyana Church with all audio guides in Bulgarian, Russian, English, Spanish, Italian, German and French;

– Plovdiv – Bulgarian, Russian, English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Greek and Turkish;

– Nessebar – Bulgarian, Russian, English, German and Polish.

Ancient and modern – Sofia is always a desirable tourist destination!

In the application you can find very useful information about the sights and museums in Bulgaria – opening hours, prices and tickets, as well as information about the best restaurants, bars, shops and SPA centers. The biggest plus is that each of the tours in the app can be downloaded and listened to at any given time. What could be better than immersing yourself into a conversation about an artefact without being bothered and disturbed by anyone? To feel the pleasure not only of dates and facts, but also to hear legends and stories about interesting places and events! And accompanied apleasant music during the speech, the audio guide emphasizes the atmosphere of the visited sites and creates an incredible mood.

How can you not be happy on such a tour?!?

Detailed information about the offered products and services of “Audioguide Bulgaria” can be found on their website, and I wish you a pleasant time spent with them!

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