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The “roof” of Istanbul – for sure we can call one of the most impressive skyscrapers in this amazing metropolis, which is located on two continents by this nickname.

The second bridge over the Bosphorus is clearly visible in the distance!

I have said many times that Istanbul is a city of contrasts – as ancient as it is modern. This city never seems to sleep and there is always something to surprise you. But today I am not going to tell you about Istanbul and its popular landmarks, as I want to take you to a height of 238 meters and look at impressive city from above!

Let’s go up – are you ready?

Istanbul Sapphire is the tallest residential building in Europe, rising to 261 meters. With a unique design and vertical gardens that distinguish the complex from all other buildings throughout the city, it can be said that this is the first ecological building in Turkey. Available to all people are a huge mall, golf course, gym, swimming pool and spa.

In the distance you can see the other modern district of Istanbul – Maslak, and a little behind it and the third bridge over the Bosphorus!

It is located a little far from the historic center of Istanbul and is located in one of the most modern business districts – Levent, but on the other hand it is extremely easy to reach with line 2 of the subway. Get off at Levent 4 station, as there is a warm connection to the skyscraper from the metro and you can enter it directly

And here in the distance you can see the first bridge over the Bosphorus – one of the first connections between the European and Asian continents!

One piece of advice from me – if the weather is misleading and changing, it is advisable not to use the warm connection from the subway, but to come to the surface to check what it is! When we first visited Istanbul Sapphire, we entered through the warm connection, and it was already dark and it was raining during the whole day. So when we went up to the observation deck we couldn’t see anything because of a thick fog that had fallen earlier. If we had come to the surface we would have seen that the weather was inappropriate and we would have hardly climbed all the way to the top. Anyhow, there was still something to do. 🙂

A view that makes you dumbfounded!

In addition to an observation deck, which reveals a 360-degree panoramic view of the whole of Istanbul, there is also a 4D cinema, where you can take an amazing walk over the city by helicopter and look at its main sights from above! An amazing experience and I highly recommend it to everyone. Here is the moment to note that there are 2 types of tickets. One is only for the observation deck, and the other is combined and with it you can visit both the observation deck and the 4D cinema. Personally, I recommend you take the second one! There are also several restaurants where you can enjoy the amazing atmosphere and views with a cup of traditional Turkish tea!

This is the second bridge, from a slightly closer plan!

And because of this unsuccessful first attempt to admire the view of Istanbul from above because of the fog, we had to go up there with my sister again in 2 days and I must admit – I was speechless! The whole city was below my feet and it was an incredibly colorful sight! All three bridges over the Bosphorus stood out most clearly, and the big boulevards meandered around the city illuminated and the cars were like little fireflies on them!

Does this city ever sleep?

Two years later I had the pleasure to visit this amazing place again, but this time during the day! The difference was huge, firstly because Istanbul itself had changed at a terribly fast pace.

It’s time to get in during the day 🙂

This time the buildings around us were very clear, the Asian part was visible, the bridges… What I saw is quite difficult to describe, because for me personally Istanbul is an indescribable city. How can you describe it if it is all at your feet and you are literally in the clouds!

That’s why I leave you to admire the beautiful views from Istanbul and Sapphire and I hope we can visit it again soon 🙂

See you soon Istanbul…

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