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Here we go again. The summer is going away, and is making a way for the autumn…

The summer is slowly going away but I am coming up 🙂

But today we are not going to talk about it, but about the last summer days of this year and the North Black Sea coast!

Put on your sunglasses as I could dazzle you …


Today my story is going to start from our Sea Capital – Varna for it being one of my favorite cities in Bulgaria and it always takes me back to my childhood, when my parents and I went to “St. Constantine and Helena” resort or as it used to be known many years ago -” Friendship “. In the recent years, this city seems to be flourishing and becoming more beautiful and pleasant not only for spending your life there but also for tourism and vacations.

The Sea Garden

Whether you want to take a walk, enjoy the beautiful architecture, eat or have a drink somewhere or just want to admire the sea – Varna is your place! Sea Garden, Dolphinarium, theaters, churches, museums, Roman Baths, the Palace of Sports and Culture, the promenade – these are just a few of the sights of this amazing city.

One of my favourite squares in Varna

But let’s not waste time in Varna – let’s head north of this beautiful city and see what is hiding there. I bet that you will be pleasantly surprised!

Get a glass of wine in the Sea Garden. It will do you good 🙂


In short, a unique combination of sea, sand, greenery, peace and quiet. Welcome to Albena! The Romans called this area “Geranium”, which means health and the ancient Thracians called it “Valley of Spring”.


The golden and soft sand, the endless beach, the gentle and caressing sea, the clean and fresh air, the cozy hotels and the traditional hospitality – these are a small part of the things that attract millions of tourists from all over the world early! For over 50 years, the “Paradise Corner of Dobrudzha” has been a magnet for tourists, and it is a guarantee for incredible memories – memories for the summer, for the sea, for the sun and of course for something else 🙂

Summer mood …


Balchik is a small picturesque town that is terraced on the Black Sea coast. It offers is a wide variety of entertainment opportunities – shops, restaurants, bars, many interesting natural, historical and architectural landmarks. If you visit Balchik during the day, I highly recommend you visit the Botanical Garden and the Palace Park Complex.

Ah, Balchik …

If you like sailing – there is a marina where you can sit down and admire the beautiful view from the deck.

Do you love sailing on a yacht?

Near the town is the area “Tuzla”, known for its healing mud, which is used for bone diseases. There are also a lot of golf courses in the area of Balchik and if there are fans they can visit them.

The palace

Cape Kaliakra

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be 2 km deep into the sea and in the same time to be 60-70 m high above the water? Below and around you to have slopes and deadly rocks in which the sea waves break? – If your answer is yes, for sure you must visit Cape Kaliakra and make sure to do it at sunset!

Cape Kaliakra and the fortress

At the foot of these rocks because of the crashing waves caves and arches have formed, which can be reached only by sea. In the past, these caves were connected to the fortress by tunnels and ships used to be loaded and unloaded through them.

My most favourite picture 🙂

Kaliakra is both natural and archeological reserve. Here you can see incredibly beautiful rocks, the botanical world is extremely rich, and you can see over 400 different species of plants. Storks, pelicans, crane birds and more than 3,000 other species of birds will fly over your heads. And in the sea around the promontory, you can watch dolphins swimming in passages.

One sunset cannot always be the same as the colours are always different!

Many legends are associated with Cape Kaliakra. The most famous of them tells of 40 Bulgarian girls, led by the beautiful Kaliakra, who jumped from the rocks into the sea to escape from the Ottoman Turks. They all braided their hair together and jumped at the same time.

Sometimes, as we are waiting for the right person to come, we die of loneliness… I am pretty sure that this is a similar quote about love. Well, let’s not be lonely – sit here and drink a glass of rose. Аnd when it comes to the future… well whatever happens 😉

Topola (Poplar)

Near the village of Topola is an incredibly beautiful beach with a quiet bay, clean beach, untouched nature and most importantly captivating views.

Ding- Ding – the sound of the summer

This place is called Adora Beach. If you want to enjoy the peace, quietness and the sound of the waves – this is your place!


Rusalka (Mermaid)

Rusalka Holiday Club is one of the most romantic and exotic resorts located on the North Black Sea coast. It was built in a picturesque oak forest in the Tauk Liman Nature Reserve (“Bird’s Bay”), and the resort is a real jewel for nature lovers.

There are no mermaids here however the good mood is guaranteed 🙂

One of the greatest treasures is the thermal spring, a source of mineral water with a high content of sulfides, sodium, fluorine and other chemical elements. It is used in several mini pools (Jacuzzi type), which are placed high above the sea view.

A view that you remember for a lifetime!


A beautiful, peaceful and wild place where one can relax undisturbed.

Krapets is one of these places that is still not touched by man.

The sound of the sea is being mixed with the one of the nearby guitars and you can see cheerful companies enjoying their lives carefree and relaxing.

Let’s eat some mussels

Certainly, this is not all that can be seen around Varna and north of it, but for so I think that this is enough. Next time I promise to tell you about other places 😉

Now, as I am writing these lines, I experienced the thrill of these places once again. I could feel the warm breeze, the soft sand, the cool water, hear the laughter and see the people’s smiles, as well as the barking of a French bulldog. They say that that there are two moments in a person’s life when they can be happy – when they are young and when it is summertime! Well, I say that there is a third moment – when you are at sea and everything is more colorful, warm and blue.

Speechless …

And usually, when we are at the sea, we think only of the good things in life – walks on the scorching sand, the night sky full of gently sparkling with stars, a light breeze caressing the skin, the bronze tan, the love that can burn us to ashes and resurrect us just like a phoenix does each time from its’ own ashes. And when the summer is finally over, we still have the hope that the next one will be more exciting than the previous and we keep making plans, laugh at the difficult moments and the memories of the past summers warm us during the cold winter days.

The sand is made of gold and the shore is quite sunny. See you next time Sea

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