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We have all fit into some kind of a framework and we have built our own stereotypes! Generally speaking, everyday life overwhelms us and sometimes we get the feeling that we are in a vicious circle! We get up in the morning, go to work, spend most of our day there. After work we are in a hurry to pick up the children from kindergarten or schoo or we go shopping, and at the end of the day we get home exhausted and go to bed to take some rest. On the next day it’s the same and we go through the workdays up until we live up to the Weekend. And on Saturday and Sunday we clean our homes, do the washing, cook meals up until we decide that it’s time to steal some time for ourselves and rest it’s already Sunday and the wheel starts turning again!

But at some point we have to say “Enough”!

Traveling is more than sightseeing. It is a change, profound and constant, a change in the ideas of life.

It’s time to steal a few days for ourselves and plan a trip or a vacation to some place! There are countless destinations which are both near and far near, they will not take much time of our time or a lot of money and we can visit them without facing any problems.

However, I found it difficult to try to make a list with all the reasons that make me travel all the time. You keep telling yourself that you don’t have neither enough time nor money, or that you have them, but you just have other priorities or needs. Well, that’s right, but have you ever thought that if you go somewhere for 2-3 days, you will feel more or less like a new person, you will escape from the reality at least for a while and you will be energized with a lot of positive energy? Therefore, here are at least 10 more reasons to do so:

10. You will feel complete

The very fact that you will organize your own trip will make you feel that you are doing something important for you! And not only that – when you visit the place you’ve decided to go, you will understand how good life is, and that you are a full-fledged person. You will be energized and this will make you work harder so that you can afford to travel more often. You will accept the everyday gray life more cheerfully, because you will know that soon it will be time for new travels.

9. You will be immersed in the adventure

Each of us imagines the trip in a certain way – we go somewhere, check into a hotel and go around the tourist sites or just lay on the beach. But every trip is a whole adventure! You never know what surprise it will bring you – we make plans for one thing and it becomes another. When you are on the road you take more risks and you are ready to do something wild and crazy, so that you will remember it for a lifetime! That’s how I got into the tiger’s cage!

A whole adventure to pet this cat 🙂

8. You will meet new people

One of the most pleasant things for me is that while traveling you get to meet and meet new people! During each of my trips I was most interested in the locals and I tried to get to know them as much as possible. And, you will also meet people who, like you, love travelling and in the end even you don’t know what might come out of this new acquaintances! About 10 years ago I was on a trip to Rome, where I met many pleasant and nice people, with whom I am still very close! On this trip I met my best friend Lily and we continue to this very day to travel together and have fun 🙂

This is Lily – my best friend, whom we met in Rome, but we are in London already 🙂

7. You will forget the problems and reduce the level of stress

One of the benefits of any trip is that you forget about your current problems and stress is greatly reduced! If, in your daily life, you wonder if the money will be enough for the month and how to cope with all the tasks and bills you have, then when you are on the road you wonder which museum to visit, whether to do some shopping, what souvenirs to take. You imperceptibly do not realize how your day went on sightseeing tours and walks, and somehow you forget about the anxious thoughts you left at home.

If you are nervous – open a travel book and decide where to go next!

6. You will get closer with the people you are travelling with

If you are traveling with someone who you are not so close to, then one trip will get you much closer. First, you will have time spent together and have fun for sure. You will have the opportunity to get to know each other and find common points of interests. In time you will return to the memories of this trip and you will feel good about your soul. And nothing prevents you from making plans for your next trip!

5. You will get to know yourself

Traveling with a company, in addition to getting to know the people you travel with, will also give you the opportunity to get to know yourself! Sometimes you rediscover yourself and what you are capable of. Every trip more or less makes you think about life – about who you are, what you have achieved so far and what you want to achieve in the future. You think about countless other things. And it happens imperceptibly! Each new place motivates you in some way to be more creative and and to want something different and new to happen. If you go to Milan and don’t look at the fashion boutiques there, you won’t want to keep up with fashion, or if you don’t go to Egypt and visit the Pyramids, you won’t think about the history and you wouldn’t want to learn further about how they were built. When traveling and seeing different scenes from the local life, everyone at times would want something like this to happen to him and would probably himself, “How do I do it?”. Well, sometimes we humans are full of surprises even to ourselves. :).

4. You will get the chance to be anonymous and invisible

When going to a new place, the probability of meeting someone you already know is quite minimal. Sometimes we need to be anonymous or just be invisible, not meet friends or acquaintances and be asked what is going on in our lives. Each of us follows some norms in our everyday life – whether it will be a dress code for work or behavior, because our social commitment requires it and sometimes they come in pretty handy. Here’s the good thing about being on vacation and being anonymous – being able to break all the boarders and allow yourself to be truly yourself! To wear whatever clothes you want, to do whatever you want, not to worry about being on the beach in a swimsuit and someone seeing that you are a little overweight or that you are without makeup and your hair is a mess! Well, this is you and this is your vacation and you ought to feel free to do do whatever you want. 😉

Well, no matter how hard you try to be invisible, your loyal fans Angelina and Brad will recognize you and will want to take a picture 🙂

3. You will get to know new cultures

You can’t help but encounter different cultures, people and their way of life! You will see a lot of different points of view, some things in people’s lives will impress you, others will startle you, but life is colorful and not everyone can be the same. An example for this is Thailand – there is a lot from everything in this country – traditions in the religion based the Buddhism, amazing nature and immersive nightlife, which at times shocks you. But this is the charm of this country and it is because of the contrasts that I like it so much.

2. You will try a new cuisine

One of the best things about discovering new destinations and cultures is definitely the food! It could be the amazing Thai cuisine, or the delicious pastas and pizzas cooked in Italy, or even the stinking durian fruit in Singapore, the roasted snake on a skewer that has devoured a live chicken in it in Mexico and many, many more. Wandering around the corners of the globe you will find amazing spices, wines, desserts, meals and sometimes even things that did not even suspect existed. However, be prepared that after that you will have to spend a little more time in the gym and you will have to make a lot of effort so that there is no damage to your body by gaining weight. 🙂

Are there any hungry? Pasta?

1. Life is too short and the world is so big

No one knows for how long he will live, and at the same time the world is so big and there are so many amazing places to see! We only get one life and we have to make the most of it and what could be better than to travel around the world. Don’t think about it much, and even now you have the opportunity to organize a trip – it doesn’t matter if it will be in Bulgaria or abroad – just do it! Get up and do something for yourself, give yourself a few days to be be truly yourself, to rest from the boring everyday life, to be with your loved ones and to see new places!

And the longest journey starts with one small step…

People often ask me what I dream about, and I answer that I my true wish is to set on all continents and to have traveled at least half the world! For now, I’m moving in the right direction to make this dream come true. And someone might ask me then what dreams will I have after all this comes true? Don’t worry – I have. another dream and that is to see the Earth from space. 🙂

It’s nice to travel and have dreams, so I’ll tell you two things – never stop doing so and Bon voyage!

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