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Summer has finally arrived and perhaps you are asking yourselves where to travel to. I have some suggestions , therefore below you can find 5 of my favourite places on Bulgaria’s southern Black Sea coast, or to be more exact the area around Sinemorets.

Oh, the Sea 🙂

All you need to do is pick one of them, get a beach towel, flip-flops and a swimsuit. Don’t’ forget to turn your good mood on, because In the lines below you’re going to read about many sunny places for as they say “life is better at the beach”.

Amazing place

Varvara Wake Up

Located between Tsarevets and Ahotopol lays a small, but incredible beach called Varvara. It became famous mostly because of the bar “Wake Up” which used to be there. The water here is so calm that you can barely notice its movements, because it’s a small bay and the place is so silent and pleasant that sometimes you have the feeling that you have submersed deep down into the sea.

This hidden beach of Varvara is waiting for you 🙂

Veleka Beach

A bit north from Sinemorets is the Mouth of the Veleka River, that flows into the Black Sea. The river itself falls under the Strandzha National Park and I have to admit that this is one of the most magnificent places that I have seen on our Black Sea Coast.

A work of nature – green vegetation, blue water and sky, golden sand and dark rocks – this is Veleka beach

Here the nature has preserved its beauty and genuiness and the river adds a magnificent touch to the incredible scenery. Dark green trees are spread out all the way to the golden beach and the beach itself is in a great contrast with the light blue water. On the other side the gray rocks even give this place a bit mystic appearance. Veleka beach is a true Masterpiece of the nature and it must be seen from above, too. Its delightfulness is hidden in the way the river runs alongside the sea and in the end it flows in it, shaped into the form of a wide beach curve made of golden sand.

The pier of Ahtopol

Each pier is waiting for its boat …

One of the symbols of Ahtopol is the pier, which somehow has one specific charm. It managed to resist stormy waves and harsh winters, has greeted many fishing boats but most importantly has greeted and enchanted many tourists with its charm, greatness and romance.

I love drinking my coffee like that! And you?

Why don’t we sit here early in the morning to see the sunrise while having a hot and aromatic cup of coffee.


No words …

A bit down from Sinemorets and only a few kilometers before Rezovo and the border with Turkey is the most silent and calm beach surrounded by calm and crystal clear water. As you set foot on this beach you get the feeling that you are on a deserted island that is very distant from the whole world.

Where does this road lead to the sea between these two rocks?

The coast here is extremely beautiful and the place is very unique because of its rich vegetation which consists of more than 500 plants. There is an abundance of freshwater fish and mammals. And the diversity of the birds, which nest here is going to surprise you as you can meet very rare and protected species such as the red storks, vultures, woodpeckers and golden eagles. In 1992 Silistar was voted a protected area because of the rare biological species that can be found there and many people love this beach because of its virgin nature.


For sure while you are getting tan or swimming into the sea you will get tired physically but not emotionally. I suggest on your last day to leave the beach earlier and before you head back to your home to make one final stop to Burgas. Even if you have visited before, it’s worth doing it again. Find a nice restaurant in the suburbs where you can see the sea from, order a delicious food and enjoy the last few hours of the magnificent Black Sea.

Beautiful view, delicious food and … one more thing 🙂

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