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Undoubtedly Madrid is interesting and hot city as the Spain’s capital is famous for its bustling nightlife.

Let our evening walk in Madrid start from “Plaza Major”!

Madrid is one of those cities that attract with its beauty its atmosphere. As the sun sets down, it seems like a different city appears that was hidden during the day. That’s why I want to introduce you to this part of the city, where the night colors are as picturesque as the nightlife itself.

Although there are often people around the Opera House all the time, you feel calm and as if time has stopped!

The atmosphere that is created by the major squares is indescribable – the crowds of tourists are gone and you can only see people who love good food and are thirsty for the famous sangria and the nightlife!

And sometimes it’s so deserted that you can’t even believe you’re in Madrid 🙂

‘Plaza Mayor’ square is probably a good starting point for the beginning of our evening walk. During the day it is perhaps one of the busiest places in the city, but the choice of cafes and restaurants is great and you can sit quietly, eat and enjoy the nice and quiet life. 🙂

In the middle of the Plaza Mayor stands the monument to King Philip III

АIf you walk trough the small streets around the square and want to sit or eat somewhere, you will certainly be hampered by the rich choice of venues! Each restaurant is a tradional for Spain one. Cozy and decorated in retro style, with small neat tables wrapped in many flowers. Be sure to sit down in one of them and eat paella accompanied by white wine or sangria. 😉

How could you not want to sit here 🙂
The atmosphere here predisposes to sangria … or white wine!
I know that this photo is not related to the series of architectural night views, but I can’t miss to show you this appetizing paella 🙂

It is highly recommended to go for a walk after finishing your dinner so that the food settles down! Go to the Royal Palace or ‘Plaza de España’ and enjoy the beautiful night views that unfold before you.

Maybe if I had taken this picture during the day it wouldn’t have been so impressive!

I can tell a lot about Madrid, however I want you to experience it by yourselves and enjoy the beautiful views that come to live with the help of the night lights.

Plaza de España and the blue night sky …

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