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Soft sand, infinitely blue water, warm breeze and sound of the waves. This is how I imagine the summer! And summer can happen at any time of the year, depending on where you are 🙂

Each beach is beautiful in its own way and hides its charm and amazing views. That’s why I’ve decided to present you a small part of the amazing beaches that I’ve had the chance to visit. Each of them is unique not only because of the water and the sand, but also because of its history and memories, which will always re-appear on your mind like a warm afternoon breeze.

10. Hammamet, Tunisia


One of the most picturesque beaches of Tunisia is located right in the Hammamet resort. Apart from having the chance to admire the tranquility that lives here and the amazingly beautiful beaches, here you will immerse yourself in a colorful palette of colors and green scenery.

9. Maya Bay, Thailand

Maya Bay

Maya Bay – the famous beach from the movie “The Beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio attracts thousands of tourists every year. Although in recent years the place has lost its charm due to the crowds of tourists who pour in there every day, the feeling of being there makes you feel as if you are a hero from the movie!

8. Paradise Island, Egypt

Paradise Island

About an hour away from Hurgada the only way to get to this island is by motorboat. It is located in the heart of the Red Sea is a paradise island with only sand and just a single palm tree in the middle of it. The water around it is suitable for snorkeling and you can admire the great reefs. And the good mood and the party on the beach itself are guaranteed!

7. James Bond, Thailand

James Bond Rock

Although the real name of this island is Phang Nga, it gained widespread popularity after one of the first James Bond movies was shot there in 1974. Mysterious, majestic, exotic, beautiful and somehow unknown, this rock rises above the water.

6. Corfu, Greece

The channel of love

There are many beaches on the island of Corfu, but perhaps the most beautiful one is Sidari because of the Channel of Love! The limestone rocks form a beach in the shape of a canal, the sea water is the color of aquamarine and somehow romantically it breaks into the rocks while the golden sand gently touches your soul. Legend says that whoever visits this place will soon meet his soulmate if they haven’t so far.

5. Lefkada, Greece


Lefkada is famous for its beautiful beaches, but perhaps one of the best beaches is Pefkulia. Infinitely long It is an amazing place and it’s definitely worth visiting. It is located between a pine forest and clear water and as soon as you set foot on it you will feel as you are in the Paradise!

4. Krabi, Thailand


In the last few years, Krabi has become one of the most popular places in Thailand because of its amazing nature and beautiful beaches. But despite its popularity, it is not so crowded with tourists. Here you can enjoy for hours the amazing sunsets, that change their colors in a colorful palette. The high mountains covered with greenery and the combination of blue water make the place even more amazing!

3. Riviera Maya, Mexico

Riviera Maya

If you аre dreaming of the perfect Caribbean vacation, then Riviera Maya is your place! The feeling of fish swimming next to you is amazing, and when you are on the sand sunbathing, having Margarita cocktails is recommended!

2. Zakynthos, Greece


I hardly doubt that there is a person alive who has not seen photos of the famous shipwrecked beach! A small beach surrounded by white rocks and milky blue water – at first glance it looks like a standard beach, as long as a mysterious ship is not moored on it! This is Navagio beach (translated from Greek it means shipwrecked) and has an interesting history. The name of the beach was Agios Georgios until 1983, when the ship Panayotis, full of contraband cigarettes, crashed there on a stormy night. From then up until today, this is probably one of the most photographed beaches in the Mediterranean! The best view is from the observation decks above, and on a clear day you can reach the ship by boat.

1. Phuket, Thailand

Some of the most beautiful beaches are located right on the island of Phuket, but for me the most beautiful beach there is Kata beach. Vast beach, calm water, soft sand and palm trees – what else a person needs in order to relax and get a perfect tan? And the sunsets are indescribable! This is probably the most romantic place I’ve ever been!


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