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Thailand is always a must visit!

Me and the audience once again

I am completely convinced about this, because this right after my first trip to Thailand, because less than a month later was guest star at the Traveler’s Club. This is a very nice, interesting and cozy place where every traveler has the chance to tell his own story to the audience or just random travelers gather together and exchange experiences and emotions! If you haven’t been there – I highly recommend you visit this place – why not even do so for my next appearance there?:)

Just choose a destination and follow it

That’s why I decided to visit it and face the audience once again in order to tell about my favourite Thailand. Before me taking the stage, while we were still discussing the destination I was going to talk about, we decided Thailand not by chance but because I have been there 3 times and it takes a big place of my heart, therefore no matter how many times I keep going there, it won’t be enough for me and I would still want to explore further and further! That’s right – for these 3 visits, in total I have spent 1 month of my life in this extraordinary and exotic country. Every time I go there, I can’t wait to try Thai cuisine,visit my old friends – tigers or just to go Maya Bay! This is the reason why I decided to talk about this destination of mine. 🙂

So, this time I needed less preparation, as I had improved some things on my presentation such as the photos, I also put special themed music to play while telling the story and I was just waiting for the day of the event to come!

A bit of liquid courage before the beginning 🙂

And so the special moment arrived in no time! I have to admit that as much as I was satisfied with my previous performance and as much as I felt confident in myself, I still had slight worries about how I would do this time. There was a thrill that not only friends and acquaintances of mine but other people, complete strangers, would come to the club to see me, people who had learned about the event from the Traveler’s Club itself. And because they had certainly attended many such events, I felt the urge to do something special, interesting and memorable.

Happy and delighted of my story 🙂

Although it was a rainy day in May a lot of people came – maybe over 60 people! As soon as I saw the crowd gathering, and I couldn’t wait to take over the stage and start my story. The very moment I did so, all the anxiety disappeared, and I enjoyed every single minute. I was calm and confident – in short, everything went by the book and the audience was terribly engaged! Again, the whole event was another great discussion, the people asked a lot of questions and I happy that I managed to give them guidelines on how they can make their trip to Thailand profitable, unforgettable and easy!

Looking forward to new adventures 🙂

I was very happy when the hosts finally told me that their guests had never laughed so much while someone was telling about their trip! And I felt on cloud nine when a few months later some friends of mine called me and said: “Vanka, it is your story that sparked the Magic in us about Thailand and in 2 weeks we are flying there!” 🙂

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