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Thai food is so exotic that it needs no description. Although you will probably find at least one Thai restaurant somewhere around you with authentic Thai cuisine, similar to those in Thailand, still when eating in Thailand is a completely different experience.

Thai food is not only food for the body but for the soul itself, too

During my stay in Thailand, I dined at restaurants every night, and with a relatively modest budget you can afford all kinds of delicacies and a few traditional Chang beers.

The combination of sweet, sour, spicy and salty flavors is what makes Thai cuisine so distinctive. The most notable dish is perhaps tom yum – the national soup of Thailand. Thai chefs are also very talented at appropriating foreign dishes to their liking, for example a typical salad or noodle dish. I will tell you about some of their best specialties and I would say that if you fell hungry while reading the following lines just to get something to eat now in order not to get hungrier 🙂

Each meal goes very well with ice-cold beer 🙂

Tom yum goong is the national dish of Thailand. The generous use of aromatic herbs such as lemongrass, linden leaves, gangal and shallots give an unforgettable aroma, while chili and fish sauce give you the spicy kick. The soup also has jumbo shrimps (goong) and mushrooms. As a result, the aroma of Tom yum goong is a unique combination for it being spicy hot and sour. This makes a great start to a few course meal or main one being served with stuffing – rice.

Pad Thai is very famous not only in Thailand but also in other parts of the world. There are so many variations of this iconic noodle dish, but it usually consists of tofu, bean sprouts, onions and finely ground peanuts. Pad Thai is a dish that must be included in at least a few of your dinners!

Pad Thai – how not to lick your fingers

Kuay tiew (soup with noodles) is a quick and easy important element for the experience of Thai cuisine. The differences in ingredients mean that 10 different chefs could prepare it in 10 different ways, making it one of the top 10 dishes. Noodles – usually thin, occasionally thicker – are served in broth with almost all meats, including pork, chicken, beef, duck and seafood.

Som tam (spicy papaya salad) comes from the northeastern part of Thailand but has reached almost cult status in all parts of the country. Slight differences in the ingredients used mean that the amount of sweet or sour can vary considerably in different restaurants. This dish of grated green papaya has a healthy dose of chili, depending on the amount of added red hot red pepper. Som tam is best combined with chicken barbecue and sticky rice.

Memories from dining here last for life!

Thailand is known for supplying some of the best cashew nuts in the world, so you will find many restaurants offering Gai pad med ma muang. This fried chicken dish with cashews is great, as long as you love the spices. It also contains sweet soy sauce, honey, garlic and a few dried hot red peppers. Enjoy it for lunch or dinner by adding cooked rice to it.

Green chicken curry сcontains coconut milk, cherry-sized aubergines, bamboo slices, galangal, lemongrass, coriander and sweet basil. It acquires its different colour from green hot peppers, although some restaurants use green curry paste. This dish is richer and sweeter than the classic Tom yum and goes well with steamed rice.

For a dessert try some of the local fruit!

Carved pineapple filled with rice and seafood for me is the greatest meal that I have ever tasted from Thai cuisine! The taste of slightly sweet and sour sauce, mixed with rice and seafood delicacies gives you the feeling that you taste divine ragweed, which melts in your mouth and as a dessert remains the taste of pineapple on the roof of your mouth.

My favourite – stuffed pineapple…

But whatever you try from the traditional cuisine you can’t go wrong – everything is incredibly tasty. But because of the many rice that is used (also the beer the produce is made of rice, too) your stomach can feel a bit heavy and in general you can feel like a bloated bubble. This is normal because both heat and humidity further contribute to this feeling. But what’s so great – it will pass the next day when you go swimming in the water on the beach or in the swimming pool and afterwards you will be hungry once again!

Fresh seafood showcased Infront of the restaurant waiting to be cooked

It is recommended to take a walk after dinner. But while doing so, you should be aware that there is no escaping food! There are fruit stalls or fruit ice cream sellers everywhere, which they prepare on site. You will see all kinds of fruits – from traditional pineapples, coconuts, small bananas, white grapes, oranges to exotic guava, mangosteen (also known as the noble fruit), carambola (star fruit), rambutan (hairy lychee) and the fragrant king of fruits – durian.

The fruit sold there (at the markets) are relatively fresh and at a good price
There is an abundance of fruit and you can choose whichever you like!

Durian is an exotic fruit with a pungent odor. It is called the “king of fruits”, and the smell of durian is defined as “something between pig feces, turpentine and onions”. But its interior has a pleasant sweet and sour taste. It is quite difficult to store therefore difficult to transport, which leads to its high price in some countries. But there are other countries where this fruit is forbidden and one of them is Singapore.

Durian itself 😉

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