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Sorrento – here you can see all kinds of colors!

Visiting Sorrento is a real adventure! And the adventure begins with boarding the Circumvesuviana train, which we catch from Piazza Garibaldi in Naples. The train comes fully crowded and in case you don’t have experience in the Lyulin’s part of the subway in Sofia, then forget to get on the train and ride for an hour, away from the train’s door. Well, as an experienced person in such situations, I managed to sit down. 🙂

On this amazing and interesting trip was with my sister and my best friends Silveto and Goshko. The fun started as soon as the trip itself, because while we were waiting for the train to stop at the platform, I noticed a couple standing nearby who spoke Bulgarian.

As soon as we got on the train, everyone was scattered in the compartment, and I managed to sit almost immediately. I asked my sister if she wanted to sit down only by staring at her and without saying a word but and she waved a finger to express that she did not want to. As we were riding on, the seat next to mine got available and the girl from the couple of compatriots I had seen earlier at the station sat next to me, and her friend stood straight right next to her. “Well luck” I murmored! I was looking trough the window and didn’t pay any attention to what they were talking about, all I could hear was just some phrases in Bulgarian whispered very quietly.

After a while, a seat next to my sister became vacant, but she had her back turned the other side and did not see it. I shouted at her to about that, and she sat down. Two interesting glances followed from the couple of compatriots next to me, as the boy told the girl in German something like “If it weren’t for this fool next to you, now we would have been sitting together and enjoying the view”.

A serious mistake on their part , because I have also studied German and no matter how much I have forgotten it, I can more or less cope with a similar situation! I turned to the lady next to me and told her in German that I also speak German, as well as 12 other languages! Surprised and awkward looks followed, and I just smiled and continued to enjoy the amazing view through the train’s window.

Mr. Vesuvius – mysterious and majestic, but also dangerous …

In general, I love travelling by train, however this trip to Sorrento is one of my all time favourites and I will always remember it. The coast of Neapolitan appeared and disappeared through a series of tunnels through which our train slipped. On the one side in the distance was Naples, and on the other the mysterious Vesuvius, which at times was shrouded in dark clouds. Small pretty towns, surrounded by greenery, caught the eye for seconds as we continued slipping through the tunnels.

The Sun’s rays reflected in the water as it was smiling and awakened in me positive thoughts and calmness. They say that the sea teaches us modesty, but looking at this view, it seems as if a brave and generous person who seeks freedom and adventure has awakened in me! In short – this is a journey to yourself, in which, in addition to rediscovering yourself you are admiring enchanting views – sea, rocks, lemon groves and neat villas.

We are slowly entering Sorrento!

As we arrived in Sorrento, the people from the train scattered in different directions. Leaving the train station which is on the main street, you are not going to be so fascinated by what you see. As you are staring at the typical buildings and streets that look the same you will probably ask yourself “Is that why I came here?” But with each step you take, you realize that this is not the case and the beauties of the city begin to unfold before you. Going further into the town you are going to smell the aroma of citrus, olives, flowers and the sea and you will realize that this is a great place not only for a walk, but also a place that will always remind you of your travels in this legendary part of Italy!

The tree of life … maybe

What more can I say except that it is a very beautiful little town, with a magnificent shore of high sheer cliffs descending over the sea. I hadn’t thought about what it’s like to look at the sea from that high. We are used to see the sea in front of our eyes, and in Sorrento you see it from such a high point that the ships and boats below like like toys. And with Vesuvius just infront of you it’s the perfect scenery , especially when there are small clouds and they seem like a smoke coming from the crater. It is very difficult to describe the purple-orange sky and the clouds behind which the sun was slowly dawning.

It’s magnificent …
It’s colorful …
It’s romantic …

It’s even harder to describe my feelings as I was standing there. Apart from the unique view of the terrace, from which all this could be seen, I was also with my closest people – my sister and my best friends Silveto and Goshko, whom I mentioned earlier. People say that everything in this life changes and sometimes it gets worse!

Well that might be true except for the sea – it is always blue, but every day in a different shade. And then at this very moment as I was standing there I realized that along with the people I was there, we are like a wave floating on the raging sea of life. Many times we have sailed in stormy sea, but at the same time we have sailed in calm waters too, and that is why at this very moment I felt a great sense of joy for being at this place with my best friends and companions in life.

The town is small, but it’s worth seeing. The old part is of very narrow streets with many shops and restaurants. And of course, this aroma of lemons everywhere. At some point I started asking myself if there is something that is not made of or with lemons in this town. There is ice cream at every turn, in the restaurants and the supermarkets. Also the gelaterias are everywhere, too. There are dozens of types of ice cream. I, as I love ice cream I tried several types. It is such a special one, it is not heavy cream, but light and milky and there are all kinds of flavours!

Who said ice cream?

It won’t be me if I don’t talk about food and wine, right? And as just started, there is one thing that you must try in this area and that is mozzarella. It is no lie that they make the best mozzarella and in case you decide to take it home in a few hours it will no longer tashe the same. True, be sure to try it on the spot there.

Let’s eat here!

Fish, vegetables, pasta, fruits, wine – you have an idea of what lies behind the summary “Mediterranean cuisine”. But the truth is that each region in Italy offers different delicacies. When relaxing in Sorrento and using it as a starting point for walks around the region, be sure to try the following wonders of culinary art: spaghetti with mussels, rice with cheese, vegetables, meat and fried rice balls. Be sure to eat Caprese salad, which has been prepared for the very first time on the island of Capri, as well as Caprese cake – a chocolate cake with almonds and don’t forget to get a limoncello with it.

Fresh seafood.
Or fresh pasta?
And why not pizza?
You can’t do without dessert 🙂

If you are not a fan of culinary experiments, bet on the classic Mediterranean cuisine. Fresh seafood is a feast for the palate, no matter how it’s prepared. But, even if you are not so pretentious – pizza or pasta will still come in handy! Usually, when I am with friends in Italy and wonder what to order – pizza or pasta – I do both. Also I order a few types of dessert and different types of beer and wine, therefore sometimes it’s very difficult to catch the last train on the subway, but that’s another story which I’ll tell you some other time. 🙂

The symbol of Sorrento is the lemon. The lush vegetation, the incredible aromas of flowers, the blue waters and the magical panoramas of the sea have turned the city into a “Mecca of international tourism”. Lemon, orange and tangerine trees grow here everywhere: on the streets and squares, in gardens and parks, and even on the roofs of houses. From the fruits of the lemon here they make the famous liqueur limoncello, which is drunk chilled after meals.

Lemon view …

Sorrento and the beautiful coast of Naples have something to offer everyone. To immerse yourself in this picturesque Italian painting that is a beautiful endless tale, it is not difficult and you will want to come back again and again for that every time you visit you will discover something new around.

Sorrento and I … waiting for new meetings

After the walks, the photos and the anbundance of meals we were at the station again and got on the train. There were no more beautiful views because it was dark, but the views from the day seemed to be before my eyes again. It was a trip that makes you feel good because you are immersed in an amazing atmosphere, you have tried a divine cuisine and most importantly, you have been there with loved ones and you will always remember it!

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