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One of the first things I saw in Singapore was the Botanicala and the Orchid Garden. I must admit that I had never seen such a colorful tropical place in such a big city!

The Botanical Garden is relatively easy to reach by metro and is close to the very heart of the city. Definitely, after an early flight, this place can charge you up and help you gather new strengths leaving you feeling full of energy for new tours and adventures in this unique city. The garden itself shows all the luxury, richness and diversity of the island’s flora and fauna which is spreading on an area of 52 hectares. You can easily see lizards walking among the paths of the rainforests and beautiful paths leading from lake to lake, which makes you feel as you are at an outdoor exhibition and make you forget that you are actually in the center of a big city. At times you may feel that you are in botany class, because there is a sign next to each tree or plant and you can learn many new interesting facts. This garden is included in the UNESCO list.

Endless greenery …
How can you not sit here ?!

The first “Botanical and Experimental Garden” (the original and very first name of the garden) was opened in 1822 by the British explorer and founder of Singapore, Sir Thomas Stamford Bingley Raffles (1781-1826). Initially, plants of economic importance, such as fruits and vegetables, were grown in there. In 1859, the colonial government provided 32 hectares on which the Botanical Garden in Singapore was spread. It now covers an area of 74 hectares.

Bamboo can be seen everywhere!
Endless greenery again, but this time high!

The Botanical Garden has three lakes, named the Symphony Lake, the Eco-Lake and the Swan Lake. Sometimes there are free concerts there on weekends. In the middle of the Symphony Lake there is a raised stage, which attracts everyone’s attention because it looks a bit like an open shell, and in the southern part you can see a small statue of the composer Chopin.

The symphonic lake
And Chopin is here!
As for musical notes …

The feeling of walking in the garden is amazing – you are surrounded by so many plants, tropical trees, freely-walking 2-meter lizards, and the locals use every free minute to escape from their hectic lifestyle by going there to have a picnic, play badminton or just sit on a bench and enjoy the peace. Maybe I’m missing things I’ve seen here, because in just a few hours you can’t see all of it, and it’s hard to describe the whole garden in general.

A “small” lizard walks …
And another lizard!
It is possible to see roosters – now I thought about what do lizards eat? After I took this picture I didn’t see any more roosters!

The biggest attraction is the National Orchid Garden. Here is the richest collection of these flowers in the world and a modern center for their breeding. There are no less than 60,000 species of orchids in the park. A ticket must be purchased to visit the orchid park. Admittedly, it will be very difficult for me to describe what I saw there. Entering quickly, I forgot about the heat, humidity and fatigue and before my eyes a colourful palette of different types of orchids was revealed. You feel enchanted – you want to take a picture of everything, your eyes can’t believe if these colors are real and you literally lose track of time.

No words …

While we were walking at and taking pictures with my sister there, I said to myself, “It’s good that my mother isn’t here, because they she would not want to leave for hours. And my mother is a “maniac” when it comes to flowers – her specialty are violets, but she is also addicted to orchids. Even if you are not a fan of flowers, I highly recommend this place – it is worth at least, because of the unique colors that you can see here!

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