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Each of us has heard the legends of the famous Egyptian pyramids. And everyone has seen them – being it on photo, in a movie or just an article about them. Luckily, I was able to see them live – high from the sky, during the day and at night.

All the pyramids in one photo ….

As our plane was descending towards the airport of Cairo, suddenly a unique view unfolded through the window, which literally made me goosebump! The famous Egyptian pyramids appeared before me like little pearls. It wasn’t even real! These majestic and ancient buildings suddenly came to life before my eyes. The contrast of the pyramids in the desert and the multi-million populated city next to them offers you a colorful palette of yellow, green and gray colors. It is extremely difficult to describe this sight in words!

The first thing you see from the plane!

We all know that the Egyptian pyramids are among the famous seven wonders of the world, and only they have survived so far, and every single person to this day, whether he saw them live or not, finds them more exciting and mysterious than the ancient ones.

And they are even more exciting and mysterious when you see them at night! On a huge observation deck there are many arranged chairs, as if in an open-air theater. A dark background can be seen in front of you. You look left and right to see where the pyramids are and you begin to wonder what you will see. And suddenly, in the darkness in front, you notice some black triangles standing out against the dark blue evening sky! Gradually you get used to the darkness and begin to see more and more clearly the three majestic pyramids.

The observation deck we were at quickly filled with curious tourists. Everyone was holding their breath, waiting eagerly for the light show to begin. And at the appointed hour – around 20:00 all the lights around us went out and a majestic and solemn music started playing, similar to the beginning of the Star wars movies! One by one, all three pyramids in front of us lit up – first the pyramid of Khufo (Cheops), then that of Khafren and finally that of Mycerinus. One was illuminated in blue, the other in green, and the last in red. And suddenly, a yellow light illuminated the Sphinx, which was solemnly sitting in front of them, as if guarding them!

For about an hour, different lighting effects alternated, the music stopped and started again, and all while during a mysterious voice was telling the story of Ancient Egypt, which pyramid belonged to who, and when they were built. It is extremely difficult to remember all the information against the background of what you see in front of you! The most ancient and majestic buildings are in front of you, shrouded in mysterious light, and behind them the dark gives an even greater mystique. Everyone would shiver at this sight!

On the next day we went to the pyramids again, but this time weren’t looking at them from a side but walked on the area around them in order to immerse ourselves in the unique atmosphere of the ancient pharaohs and kings!

A lot has been written and said about the pyramids, but I can conclude the following – they are huge and old! They are so old that even at the time of the birth of Jesus Christ they were also considered ancient, and we can safely say that the time at which he was born is closer to us than to the construction of the pyramids. We may have celebrated the second millennium of our existence in 2000 with solemnity and noise, but on the other hand, the pyramids peacefully and meekly celebrated their fifth millennium of their existence!

After passing the ticket offices, the first thing that came our way was the Pyramid of Khufu, also known as the Pyramid of Cheops. Definitely your breath stops for seconds and your eyes can’t believe what they see. The closer you get to the pyramid, the more you realize how small you are and how majestic and tall actually it is. In the past it used to be about 150 meters high, but today it is a little lower because the stones from the top and the outer layer of stone blocks have been removed. It itself is made of over 2.3 million blocks of limestone, each weighing about a ton and a half, and some of those that are in the base are about fifteen tons.

Although at 9:00 in the morning there are already tourists curious to touch the secrets of the Pyramid of Cheops!

According to archaeologists, the Pyramid of Cheops, which houses the tomb of Pharaoh Cheops, took 20 years to be built. The secret of how the pyramid was built has always amazed and captivated scientists and archaeologists of all times, and to this day there is no an official answer! The history of this ancient construction continues to excite the humanity. Insides of the pyramid there are many secrets hidden, some of which may never be revealed.

It’s a little hard to catch the whole Pyramid of Cheops in one shot!

There is an option to enter the pyramid, but you have to go down a narrow corridor and you can reach the “Queen’s Chamber” – an unfinished room in which there is nothing. Another thing that can be seen is the Great Gallery to the main burial chamber, which is located in the very center of the pyramid. There’s an empty red granite sarcophagus in this room, and that’s all they’ve ever found there. Curiously, the sarcophagus is too large to pass through the corridors, and many Egyptologists suggest that the pyramid was built after it was laid around it. Whether Khufu’s body once had laid there in this sarcophagus – no one can say and we can only guess! Interestingly, however, Khafre’s body has not been found to this day.

The other two pyramids – the one of Khafre and the other of Mycerinus – are also quite impressive and interesting. The pyramid of Khafre is slightly smaller than that of his father Khufu, but it looks taller because it is built on a higher place. Mykerin’s pyramid is the smallest of the three. Some archaeologists believe that the ancient Egyptians did not have enough space to build this pyramid. And, according to another theory, this is proof that the power of the pharaoh weakened and it became impossible to sustain the labor force that was supposed to build this grand monument. This pyramid is surrounded by three small pyramids of queens, two of which are unfinished and left in the form of steps.

The Pyramid of Khafre

Anyhow, there are many more assumptions than facts about the origin of the pyramids. Whether the truth about them will be revealed and whether we will understand what secrets and mysteries they hide is not clear and all the answers will be just a figment of our imagination. And aren’t these mysteries already revealed…

Before the Pyramid of Cheops is the most mysterious figure in the pyramid complex – the Father of Horrors or also known as Swinks, but I will tell you about it another time!

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