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Amalfi is one of those places where you can’t help but fall in love at first sight! When you look at this amazing sight, your heart starts beats fast, you literally lose the ability to speak speech and you stop breathing.

One’s walk in Amalfi will be remembered for a lifetime!

To me, the Amalfi Coast is like a large and beautiful terrace that hangs in between the unrealistically blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the picturesque slopes of the Latari Mountains. And like on any terrace, there are many colorful flowers, vineyards and vast olive and lemon trees gardens.

Everything is so green and colourful.

It is really difficult to describe Amalfi without saying any clichéd phrases! But when beauty speaks for itself, it is difficult to find the right words, and even the best poet would find it difficult to do so. Boccaccio, Ibsen, Steinbeck, Wagner and many other celebrities have spoken enthusiastically about this city and the coast, but now it is my turn to talk a bit about this majestic place.

Amalfi can be easily reached by car, as the road is quite picturesque and mainly passes along the shores of the Gulf of Naples. There are several stops that I would recommend – Sorrento, Positano, Ravello, but we will talk about them some other time.

There are no spectacular beaches here, but there are cozy bays and sea caves and no matter where you stand at in front of you there will always be the same beautiful view from any random place. In addition to the amazing views, you will also encounter the mild Mediterranean climate, the silence, the tranquility, the air full of pleasant fragrance, the hospitality of the local people and the incredibly delicious food.

The cozy beach of Amalfi.

The town fascinates all year round, but if you have the chance to decide when to visit it, I highly recommend doing it in the period between April and June. At that time, the whole city is dominated by the aroma of flowers, everything is extremely colorful and vivid, and the weather is already warm.

A view that can’t be described in words!

The first place you encounter once you enter Amalfi is Piazza Doumo that is surrounded by all kinds of restaurants and gelaterias, where irresistible temptations lurk and each of the owners of these trattorias kindly invites you to honor their restaurant with your presence! In case you want to have something to eat or just to refresh yourself with a nice drink than don’t miss the chance to have either both or one of them by visiting one of these venues! The prices are reasonable, and the price-quality-service-view ratio is up to the standard! 😊 Also, small bars and ice cream shops (gelatos) lurk everywhere, and I highly recommend after you have eaten somewhere to enjoy and taste this sweet temptation. The streets there are extremely narrow, and it would be difficult for two cars to pass by. There are colorful, souvenir shops on every street, where there is something for everyone – magnets, souvenirs, toys, scarves and many more and sometimes it is difficult to take your eyes off them.

“St. Andrei” Cathedral

Whichever street you take, you will always come get back on the square with the great cathedral, which rises high, with sixty-two steps leading to its entrance. This is the cathedral that bears the name of the patron saint of both Amalfi and Russia and Scotland – St. Andrew. The cathedral is lavishly decorated, and its baroque style is dazzling. In the courtyard there is something like a museum, and in the immediate vicinity there is a small monastery where the body of the Saint rests. On the facade there is a large fresco of St. Andrew, around which are depicted drawings of other famous saints. And, if you are wondering where you can sit and eat your ice cream, I would recommend you to do it on the stairs in front of the cathedral!

I highly recommend having your ice-cream there!

Even when you leave and take the winding road, you turn your head imperceptibly to admire this sophisticated and picturesque palette of colours and moods – called Amalfi!

Финален поглед към Амалфи!

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