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My name is Ivan Krastev and I work in finances but in my leisure time I love travelling so in time this became a part of my life. Exploring new places, getting to know new people and their cultures and creating memories and emotions that last for life is something that I truly adore. I like making lots of pictures and taking ones of myself too. It’s with great pleasure when I tell my friends and acquaintances what I have experienced during a certain travelling and am also helping my them to organize their trips and also, I’m giving tips about where, when and what to be visited.

This is how the idea of motivating more and more people to travel and get to know the world around was born. I am creator of the Facebook Page called “Professional Traveler” and the Instagram profile “My Profession is traveler“. There on a daily basis I write about all of my trips and share photographs of the amazing places that I have visited.

In this blog you can find travelogues and pictures of my journeys. Up to now I have visited around 17 % of the world, 4 continents, 25 countries and more than 155 cities and interesting places.

I am the author of the book “Profession Traveler”, which is a collection of trips to known and unknown places around the world, where you will read and experience stays and adventures in beautiful nature, local landmarks, scandalous attractions and millennial traditions and customs!

Since the middle of 2021 I am a member of Bulgarian Association of journalists and travel writers – ABUJET.

Anyhow, this is not a standard blog, where you will be reading only about the amazing travels to incredible islands, big cities and exotic jungles! Here you will find more than just a story about them but also advices on how to organize such and which food you must try when going somewhere! I will do my best for you to become part of the emotion that I felt during each of the travels in order to undergo everything that I have. And why not do the same about other people’s stories who do the same as I? Here you won’t get bored only with my narratives (please, don’t think that I am being narcistic) – but you will also get to know with different people’s stories who travel and live around the world, and trust me they have their own amazing story to tell. 🙂

My belief is that everyone can find a reason not to travel, but travelling is not difficult, scary or expensive! It’s a matter of will, motivation and just to choose a destination.

My dream is to visit all of the continents, but what I truly desire is to see some of you visiting the places that I have, knowing that you have read about them from me.

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